Отложенный постинг в Телеграм

Планируйте посты в Телеграм в удобном интерфейсе с форматированием, предпросмотром и аналитикой

Easy to start
7 days free
Plan your posts ahead of time. We will publish them at the right time.
Channels analytics
We'll calculate the reach, reactions to posts and track the growth of the audience.
Attach reaction buttons or link buttons to posts.

Convenient work with Telegram

Both Telegram itself and special bots make it possible to schedule posts, but they have drawbacks: there is no clear schedule to see what is planned, editing scheduled posts through bots is not convenient.

Pur Ninja shows all posts in a visual schedule, and you can make edits to scheduled posts in two clicks. We support posting to public and private channels and groups.

List of deferred posts in the bot
Publishing via bot
❌ No post visible
❌ You need to read it carefully to understand when the post will be published.
❌ Scheduled post cannot be edited
The list of scheduled posts in Pur Ninja
Publishing via bot
✅ In the schedule, you can understand what the post is about.
✅ The schedule is divided into days: you can immediately see when the post will be published
✅ Post is edited on click

Create engaging posts

In addition to the main features (attaching photos, videos, gifs), we have added special features to the service only for Telegram. This will allow you to use all available post formats and engage more people.
You can attach buttons to posts: reactions or links. Reactions will help engage your audience and know if they liked the story.
Text formatting
The post editor supports text formatting: you can make headings, highlight important, add links.
Pictures below
If necessary, you can attach a picture to the post at the bottom, after the text.
Polls and quizzes
Attach polls and quizzes to your posts to engage your audience. The same settings are available as in Telegram.

Organize your work

Many pages can be split by project for more convenient work. For example, put the pages of a coffee shop in the project "Coffee House", and your personal pages in "Personal".
You can invite other people to collaborate and give them the desired level of access to the project. For example, only for analytics or viewing posts.


The total number of accounts followers, growth and churn.
Followers engagement by day.
Reach and impressions
Impressions, total reach, and by category: organic, ad, viral.
Video views
Video views by day, by post and by the first 24 hours after publication.
Stories statistics
The total number of accounts followers, growth and churn.
Followers Engagement Reach and impressions Video views Stories statistics